Block quotations

Block quotations designate long quotations where a paragraph break is appropriate. It ends with a blank line.

Textile example: Block quotations

Any text.

bq. A block quotation.

Any text.

Textile input (editable)

Browser output

HTML output

More about: Block quotations

1. Block quotes may include a citation URL immediately following the period:

bq.: A cited quotation.

2. For more than one paragraph, use two periods bq.. — any block modifier to follow, such as p. will end the block quotation:

bq.. Beginning of the quotation.

Another paragraph, also part of the quote.

p. Normal text continues here.

3. Add a <footer> for identifying the source:

bq. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
<footer>Confucius (circa 551-478 BC)</footer>

Further reading: Block quotations

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