Textile comments

Use three '#' signs and a full stop to start your comment block.

Textile example: Textile comments

Some text here.

###. This is a textile comment block.
It will be removed from your document.

More text to follow.

Textile input (editable)

Browser output

HTML output

More about: Textile comments

1. Multi-line comments begin with two periods ###..:

###.. ////////////////////////////
// This multi-line comment
// will keep going and going

// even if you put blank lines in.

The comment will only end when it reaches a paragraph p. marker.

2. HTML comments are respected also:

Here is some text with a <!-- Commented out[1] --> block.

<!-- Here is a single <span>line</span> comment block -->

<!-- Here is a whole

Normal text continues here.

Further reading: Textile comments

  1. MDN: The importance of correct HTML commenting

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