Put straight quotation marks around the link text, followed immediately by a colon and the URL of the link.

Textile example: Links


Textile input (editable)

Browser output

HTML output

More about: Links

1. A local link:

"link text":/example

2. A link with a title attribute:

"link text(with title)":

3. An email link:

"(classname)link text(title tooltip)"

4. Combine with a link with an image link:


5. Usage of a link alias:

This is "a link to Textpattern":txp, and "another link":txp to the same site.


6. If you wish to link to a URL and want the URL itself in the text, you can use the following ‘dollar’ shorthand:


7. Class names can be added in parentheses before the link (requires Textile v2.5.1 or later):

"(various fancybox.iframe)Cats and cheese":

8 For links and URLs containing parentheses, such as you have to use a combination of HTML and HEX codes, like so:


9. In cases where note references – or other markup – directly follow links, the alternative, more Markdown-like link format can be used:


The same also works for spans and other inline markup:


Further reading: Links

  1. MDN: The HTML <a> element

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