No formatting (override Textile)

Skip Textile processing for a block of content.

Textile example: No formatting (override Textile)

notextile. Straight quotation marks are not converted into curly ones "in this example".

Textile input (editable)

Browser output

HTML output

More about: No formatting (override Textile)

1. Textile formatting can be temporarily disabled by using: == a phrase == inline:

Superscript is written as == ^2^ == in Textile.

Or with the following tags: <notextile> a phrase </notextile>, like so:

Superscript is written as <notextile> ^2^ </notextile> in Textile.

2. For blocks of elements add a notextile. or notextile.. at the start of the block:

notextile. This line <em>will not</em> be *Textilised*.

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